Landscape and wildlife photographer based in Germany

Landscape and wildlife photographer based in Germany

I would often go on long vacations to Switzerland with my family as a child. It was the place, where I first noticed the beauty of our planet and decided I wanted to go on adventures. While growing up, I would often take myself off on a little adventure into the forest and just be by myself.

"This propensity for going off on trips has given me many great, unexpected memories."

One such memory was when I was confronted by a fully-grown, red deer with a magnificent set of antlers. I was only a child when I walked through the forest for many kilometers, feeding the various types of birds and quick & agile squirrels. While doing so, I heard some rustling in the bushes. Understandably, I had a feeling of trepidation within me. Is there something that is about to attack me? I didn’t know. So I turned my body towards the sound. And there it was, the fully-grown red deer just standing there. It looked straight into my eyes and did not avert its gaze for what seemed like a millennium.

"We were locked in a staring contest and it stood only a few feet away from me."

At that moment, I like to think we shared a particular bond. It was as if we had the complete trust of each other that we would not hurt one another. And I believe this solo event shaped me and my image of nature. So much so that I had to go out, again and again, seeking encounters just like this one. For me, this encounter’s whole setting, with the red deer as the protagonist, symbolized the forest’s beauty and all the animals that inhabit it.

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